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The Roadster Shop's 1977 Legends Truck

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We're on the Roadster Shop's email list and just received their latest build video, the "1977 Legends Truck."

Having owned a '78, K-5 soft top, their "Legends" build really resonates with me.

This morning on my way to the studio, I couldn't believe my luck.

Their Legends Truck was parked in a parking lot nearby.

I stopped to ask one of the crew members, who was loading an engine and front suspension on to a trailer if I could take a few shots.

It turned out to be Marcus, who obliged me. Thank you Marcus!

The Legends Truck's door and hood fitment gaps are perfect, as are the paint and chrome finishes. Their build far exceeds anything coming out of the factory.

Here's a link to their video -


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