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Mitch Bowling's - Irish Green Outlaw

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I bought the car in early 2017 from a shop in San Antonio. They had done the backdate conversion in Irish Green. Since then I have added a duck tail, front splitter, flag mirrors and a different stripe to change the appearance of the car and make it more of an outlaw than a backdate. I also had the engine and 915 gearbox rebuilt by Kelly Moss Road & Race. The engine is a 3.8L with heads from Extreme Cylinder Heads with EFI PMOs and more aggressive cams to give the car nearly 400 crank horsepower and a curb weight of only 2450 pounds. I also added a Rennshift shifter mounted on a 4 inch tunnel to provide the perfect placement. To control all of this, the car is also equipped with Big Red Turbo brakes and a Momo steering wheel. It has been corner balanced, has Elephant racing adjustable sway bars and raised spindle to lower the front ride height. To accommodate the lowered ride height, the car also has turbo tie rods with a bump steer kit. I drive the car often and enjoy it. It is no garage queen. I have tracked it at Road America and Gingerman Raceway. I have taken it on road rallies and racked up more than 1000 miles in a weekend.


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