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1955 Junior Corsa

VIN 30209

Article: Sheldon’s EMU -


Bruno Guidorossi, the engineer, who in 1953 replaced Luigi Salmaggi overseeing the technical management of Rumi, designed the Junior.


A new triangulated open cradle frame was created using lightweight tubing of different diameters, and fitted with swingarm rear suspension and Earles front forks. Styled by Donnino Rumi, the 18 litre tank is a lovely piece (the full beauty of which is obscured in this example due to the paintwork protection).


Submitted at the Turin Show and the trade fair in Milan in the spring of 1955, the Junior stood out from the score or more of two-stroke singles displayed by well-known manufacturers including Benelli, Parilla, Motobi and Maserati.


In following years the model had minor enhancements but was basically unchanged until replaced by the Gentleman in 1959 after a model run of some 300 units - it was a specialist "Corsaiola" with a high price tag.


With its strong personality and melodious exhaust is was a very fashionable machine particularly in the Earles forks version, and the Junior sparked a glint in many a rider's eye. It was exported to France, Sweden, Austria, England, Holland, North and South America, Africa and even Japan. In Italy a dealer network of agencies had been established. 

Rumi Junior (1955-1959)

Brand: Moto Rumi
Model: Junior Earles Export
Country: Italy
Category: race
Year: 1955
Engine type: Two-stroke Twin
Capacity: 124.6 cc
Power: 9 HP
Maximum speed: 115 km/h.
Color: White with black paint on the tank and dashes of silver.

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