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1930 Brough Superior Black Alpine


Brough motorcycles were described in period literature and advertising as the "Rolls Royce of motorcycles". Big, touring quality motorcycles with large, by British standards, v-twin engines and nice details like nickel-plated fuel tanks and leather tool kits. Broughs were at the top of British two-wheeled designs. George Brough, pronounced "bruff", personally certified every motorcycle built in his Nottingham, England factory. Brough was not an engine maker. British engine builder J.A. Prestwich, J.A.P., supplied the overhead valve engines.


The 680 Black Alpine shared Broughs "genes" with the larger SS1100 and was made from 1926 to 1936.  About 150 of all Broughs were made each year. Rarity is still a reason Broughs are sought after and command high prices. George Brough's wealthy celebrity customers included T.E. Lawrence, a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia, and George Bernard Shaw, the playwright.


Brough Superior built motorcycles, sidecars, and a few cars from 1920 to 1940 and even made aircraft parts shortly after the start of World War II. Brough's machines were superbly styled and beautifully made with performance to match.


Restoration started by Dave Smith Classic Motorcycles, Plainfield, Il. (Now retired)

Restoration completed by John Young Classic Auto Restoration, Lake Barrington, Il.

Owner: Don Rosene, Anchorage, Alaska

Engine: 50 Degree OHV V-Twin

Bore and Stroke: 70mm x 88mm

Displacement: 680ccs

Carburetor: Single Remote Float, Amal

Ignition: Magneto

Electrics: Battery/Mag-Dyno
Primary Drive: Chain

Gearbox: 3-Speed Sturmey-Archer 

Starting: Kick Only

Front Suspension: Castle Girder

Fork: Friction Damper

Rear Suspension: Monoshock

Style: Friction Damper

Wheels: 3.25 x 19 / 3.50 x 19

Brakes: Drum, front and rear


Unique Dual Headlights

Hand shift with gate

Hand clutch with unique single spring

Rubber drive cushion in Royal Enfield rear hub

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