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1973 TVR Road and Race - 2500m Special


Owner/Fabricator: Dennis DeLap

Road or Race - You decide

By: Dennis DeLap

In the tradition of race car ‘Specials’ that were built in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s both in the United States and Europe - I created this road racing prototype using Triumph powertrain, driveline, and braking components. Using TVR’s many examples and experiments as an inspiration, 2008 - 10 marked production of a car that fits nicely in Vintage Racing both mechanically and in appearance.

TVR sold many of their cars as kits back in the day leaving engine and drivetrain selection to the individual builder. This car is powered with a Triumph TR4 engine (last used by Triumph in 1967) that has been bored to 2188cc. The carburetors are 1-3/4” S.U. also sourced from Triumph and used in the 50’s and 60’s TR3 and 4. The transmission is a stock TR6 unit, and the differential is TR6 from an IRS car with a factory 3.45:1 gear set on a Detroit locker carrier.

Triumph introduced independent rear suspension (IRS) with the TR4A in 1965 and used that arrangement until 1976 when TR6 finished its production run. The brakes are stock TR6 caliper/rotor units in front and TR6 finned drums in the rear. A TR6 rack and pinion , often specified by TVR is used here. 15” x 16” alloy wheels with 205x60 Hoosier Speedster tires work well with the Triumph/TVR package.

TVR’s were historically built as fiberglass coupes on hand metal tubular steel chassis with a coil over spring arrangement on all four corners - as with this TVR. Included in the car are the required features for today’s vintage racing - roll cage, belts, fuel cell, etc.

That said: In June of 2010 a log book was started and ‘Era Correct’ production certification issued by Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association, along with the car’s first race weekend at the Blackhawk Classic. Over the next three years I raced the TVR in Vintage events at Road America, Virginia International, and Gratten Raceway.

This very special TVR, 1 of 11, first appeared on Moto Eye's radar at the Barrington Foundry "Fuelfed" event in August 2019. Of the 200 plus remarkable automobiles in attendance, the TVR attracted the greatest amount of attention.

The TVR is currently plated and street legal. Drive it to the track, adjust the four corners, and you're off to the races!

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