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Fiat 500 A Topolino


In Italian “Little Mouse”


Owner: Walter Pancewicz, AIA


“My family used to own a Fiat 500A in Italy. On my visits to the hometown I was able to experience its Italian ingenuity and styling and fell in love with the car. I was able to find one and procure it from the original owner in 2004 and was completely restored by 2007.”




Fiat began in 1899 when the Societa Aninima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobilli - Torino was formed and has been building cars for over 100 years. Many consider the most famous Fiat to be the 500 “Topolino.” Launched in 1936, the new “baby” Fiat was the smallest mass-produced car of its time. With two seats, a 13hp 569cc engine and a 6-1/2 foot wheelbase, it was designed to bring motoring to the masses. It was a great success, and the initial version remained in production until 1948, with over 113,083 being produced. Although the 500 Fiat body style has changed over the years, Fiat produced a “Fiat 500” well into the 1990’s.

Manufacturer: S.A. Fabbrica Italiana Automobilli Torino

Country of Origin: Italy

Engine: 569cc, inline 4 cylinder

Top Speed: 50 miles per hour

Years of Production: 1936 - 1948

Number Produced: 113,083

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